We have 4 Cats , 2 ex ferals a Main Coone and Waffle (smokey grey cat). It’s interesting how very different each of them are. Cora is calm, loves every one and pacifies anyone that is stressed or upset. Waffle is a bit of bully and dislikes being touched. Charlie is the youngest feral and loves affection. Funnily enough , when Charlie came home, we couldn’t touch him. He growled, scratched , bit , hissed and spat. We thought we’d made a huge mistake in getting him.

As with all our pets , we took him to our vet at the time to check him out. The vet advised that he keep him for a little while to tame him. While at the vet, he was neutered and then came home, as wild as ever.

At that time, we had a neighbour that is good with animals, she came over and took a look at Charlie. She picked him up, wrapped him in a towel and cradled him. No hissing, no spitting, no claws or teeth. From there on out, Charlie settled down and settled in.

Charlie Binks

We could have given up but we didn’t. I’ve always loved animals and don’t remember a time where I haven’t had a pet and I couldn’t imagine not having any.

Gaia is the older of the two ferals and also the bathroom chaperone, the TV lap warmer and thinks there is a drought when the water bowl is picked up to be rinsed and refilled. She doesn't share a lap with Charlie unless back to back (I can't see you so you can't be there).

Sadly, none of our cats cuddle one another. Waffle has been spotted grooming Gaia on the odd occasion, he won’t admit to it though.


These souls add so much entertainment and colour to our lives.

Having said that, there are so many superstitions about cats.

Cat Superstitions

  • If a cat purrs, a ghost is in the room.
  • It is bad luck to cross a stream carrying a cat.
  • Dream of a tortoiseshell cat and you will be lucky in love.
  • Bathing a cat will cause it to rain.
  • If a black cat crosses your path it brings bad luck (or sometimes good luck depending on where you are!)

Superstition – Wikipedia

I’ve lived in complexes before where my own neighbours have been superstitious about cats and have complained when our cats visit them. How does one reason with superstition, a belief that someone has?


Our cats are conversation pieces, entertainment and a source of constant laughs. All our cats are sterilsed and chipped. I believe that animals are a gift and to be cared for and protected. That is the least that we can do for all the joy that they bring to our lives.

Last but not least, we have Cora May, named after Cory Taylor and my son. Cora is half Main Coone and the most beautiful lady. Affectionate but preferring men to women, loves to visit neighbours and does not like to be contained.

Cora May

Our cats are a huge part of our lives and I cannot imagine life without them.

Featured photo by Jari Hytönen on Unsplash

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